Five things we believe about hiring

  1. Hiring processes need to be standardized. Candidates deserve a consistent experience and evaluation. A company can't meaningfully evaluate candidates if it treats each one differently.
  2. Hiring decisions should be made using a clear scoring system, not gut feelings. Humans are good at gathering information, but bad at ignoring bias. We unconsciously pattern match. This harms candidates who don't match our expectations.
  3. The hiring process should be focused on discovering strengths, not uncovering weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses. What matters is a candidate's strength, and how quickly he/she can learn new things.
  4. Candidates should be given clear and truthful feedback on how they did so they know how they can improve. Companies should invest time in providing this.
  5. Credentials should not be used as a proxy for talent. Education and work history are meaningful but relying solely on them results in missing good talents. It's your ability that matters, and not your educational background.